The Perfect Song

©1997 Brian Hazard (ASCAP)


As I woke up today I heard the perfect song
I tried to write it down but I knew all along
There were no real notes or lyrics in my dream
Only the echo of a universal theme
What does it mean?

Somehow I know the perfect song is about love
What else is closer to perfection in this life?
Not like a Friday party Sunday sing-a-long
More like an early bedtime lonesome Tuesday song

Just the other day I was addicted to the ordinary
Just the other day all my emotion was imaginary
Just the other day
Then the perfect song washed through me
Filled my heart with tragic beauty
Now I hear the perfect song in everything

Sometimes a hint of music plays inside my head
I think I know just what it is but then instead
I realize it's not a song I've ever known
But it's a perfect start to what will be my own
Perfect alone

But the perfection loses focus as I write
And my most passionate reflections come off trite
Even a melody that makes me swoon and sway
Lingers a moment then the feeling fades away

I love you more than I can ever express
In anything but the perfect song
That's why it breaks my heart to tell it to you
In anything but the perfect song
Anything, anything, anything
I would do anything
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