Heart Like A Doll

©1997 Brian Hazard (ASCAP)


I caught you smiling like a fool
Lost in a dream
Glowing like candles on a birthday cake
Finally eighteen
Like I was seven years ago
Flirting with sin
Little girl dreams they seemed so silly then
Now I want in
(In)to your understanding simple
Sweet and pure and demanding that I...

Give my heart like a doll to you
Hold it tight enough to break it
I don't care what they say or do
It's enough to know we waited

I don't possess a pain that you
Couldn't relieve
And though I never said the words before
Better believe
That I need you to give love to
Me and I to you, here and now I...

I'll never forget what you said that day
"Lovers are all fools anyway", and now I
Give my heart like a doll to you
And smile to think it true

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