©1997 Brian Hazard (ASCAP)


If we spent a week alone in Paris
Would we fall in love?
If we could recite the vows of marriage
Would we fall in love?
Remember how you started on a painting
Of us sitting on the moon?
Here from Earth it's hard to see
My tiny figure sitting next to you

I'm not ready to be a father
Yes I know that the baby's yours and mine
But I'm not staying one way or other
It's your choice entirely

If we bought a Christmas tree together
Would we fall in love?
If we wrote down all we had in common
Would we fall in love?
If my lips could say the words "I love you"
Wouldn't they come true?
Then I'd close my eyes and see that
I will never fall in love with you

I feel like running away is all I can do
No matter what happens to you
I'll never know
But I know it's not fair to you
And I never was fair to you

We weren't ready to become lovers
Thought I saw love beneath a glass of wine
But finding love in a son or daughter is
Something else entirely

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