Meine Lieblings-Songs

Zu den besten Liedern von Color Theory / Brian Hazard zähle ich:

Snowing, Stare Out The Window, April's Bonfire, Faces, Until Last Night, Ponytail Girl, Wishing I Had An Umbrella, Fade So Fast, And You Thought I Was Joking, Realist, Figured Out, Hypothetically, Pins & Needles, Song Named After A Girl, Too Close, A Safe Distance, Two, What You Said.


Lieblings-Alben: Perfect Tears, The Thought Chapter, The Sound.


Remixe: Ponytail Girl (Raph Mix), Hypothetically (Rupesh Cartel Club Remix), Figured Out (Blind Faith And Envy Remix), Drive You Home (Blue Ocean Dream Mix), Pins & Needles (Matt Mancid Remix), What You Said (Matt Mancid Remix).



"Two ordinary people could make the world alright" - Until Last Night

"There’s no need to shelter myself from you" - Wishing I Had An Umbrella - official Website

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